Two Minute Form

The 2 Minute Form provides basic information about voyage plans and is designed for pleasure boat owners out for a short trip in the local area. The information you leave behind could be vital in event of a search and rescue emergency.

Fill out the form, or write a note which includes your plans and boat description, and leave it with a reliable friend or relative. They can contact Coastguard and the Police if you do not return as planned.



CLICK HERE to view and print the 2 Minute Form as a pdf.

Make sure you also file a Trip Report with Coastguard - you can contact us on your local VHF Channel, or on *500 from your cellphone, leaving your vessel and personal details. If you're reported overdue, having this information will help us track your movements and find you quickly.

If you're planning on crossing one of NZ's notorious harbour or river bars, contact us to make a Bar Crossing Report - we'll put you on a timed search-and-rescue watch (usually 30 minutes), so if you don't get in contact with us by that time we'll start a SAR response. Find out more here >>

Each year something goes wrong for thousands of pleasure boat owners. By simply letting us or others know your voyage plans, you greatly increase your chances of help arriving quickly when something goes wrong.