Tutukaka’s “territory” covers more than of 400 square nautical miles of open ocean from Rimariki Island to the Poor Knights Islands and Bream Head. The unit was formed in 1998 and its first dedicated rescue vessel purchased two years later.

In 2008 the second-hand Rayglass was replaced by a purpose-built 9.5m AMF Quick Response Vessel.

Tutukaka Rescue is out on the high sea within two minutes of leaving her berth at Tutukaka marina, and is capable of facing seas over three metres in height and winds of up to 35 knots. 

Tutukaka Rescue 9.5m AMF QRV

The unit typically operates on three crews, rotating on 24/7 duty throughout each month. On-water training is generally held for the duty crew on a Sunday morning.

Currently this award-winning unit is seeking a new naming sponsor!  All enquiries about this or anything else related to the unit warmly received.


  • Tutukaka Marina Management Trust  

President - Keith McKay
Vice President - John Tailby 

Theory and practical training is held regularly within the unit under the guidance of our own unit instructor.
Individual crews train on the water both day and night at least once per rostered shift.
Committee meets every third Tuesday of the month.

Last updated: 23 September 2016