Coastguard Membership - the Boatie's Best Mate

Engine trouble? Flat battery? Sick child? Mate, we're there to help.

Having a problem on the water can be a hassle but with a Coastguard Membership you’ve got peace of mind every time you hit the water, knowing we’ve got your back.

No matter if you break down, get a flat battery, or are out with the family when one of the kids get sick, rest assured one of our rescue vessels, crewed by our trained volunteers, will turn up and do all they can to get you home in one piece, free of charge. Your Coastguard Membership means we’re here to help when you need us on the water, and help you get the best out of your boating safely. From a simple jump start to a full blown emergency, we’re your best mates out on the water!  

Don't miss the boat - join up today!

Membership Benefits
Free assists, safety services and exclusive discounts - all for new Coastguard members.

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Options & Fees
Choose the Coastguard Membership that works best for you.

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Ways to Join
Join up or renew your Coastguard membership today.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Need more info? Check out our FAQs here.

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Saving lives at sea isn't easy. Without your help it's impossible.

"I am proud to be a Coastguard Member - to me it's a no brainer, when I am out on the water it is so good to have someone keeping tabs on me 24/7."
PIO TEREI - MEMBER & TV HOST  'Another boatie in paradise'

"I joined Coastguard five years ago when we bought our first run about. The Coastguard Courses I have taken have given me a huge boost of confidence when out on the boat. Knowing that Coastguard is there when you need them just makes boating with the kids that bit more enjoyable."