Our Sponsors

The community spirit that exists amongst our valuable family of sponsors provides Coastguard Northern Region with a large percentage of the resources we need to keep operating at the professional level that New Zealanders have come to expect. Our sponsors are committed to the philosophy of saving lives at sea, as are our teams of volunteers who sometimes put their own boats and lives on the line to assist those in trouble out on the water.

We are fortunate that we are able to attract and retain such strong brands in our sponsorship family. We do this by creating value well beyond the visible community support that sponsorship of Coastguard Northern Region affords. One advantage that we have is our ability to provide exposure for each, and providing tangible benefits that inevitably keep the accountants happy.

Sponsorships seem to transcend commercial boundaries, and develop into partnerships, and often progress into friendships. Our sponsors’ events provide superb networking and relationship building opportunities, and become fun events for those involved, forging long term alliances.

Each sponsorship is tailored to meet the objectives of each party; and regular meetings ensure that we keep on track, and maximise exposure opportunities that arise with our ongoing operations, marketing, and promotional activities.

Community Partner

Supporting Partners


Funding Partners

Coastguard Northern Region is always looking for support and sponsorship for all the different programmes, activities and events that are held throughout the Region.

If you would like to explore different ways that your product or service could be put in touch with your target market, then please contact our Marketing and Funding Manager, Georgie Smith on 09 303 9344  or email Georgie.Smith@coastguard.org.nz

Last updated March 2019