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Sea Kayak Module   (4 hours)

Aim: To gain essential knowledge of sea kayaking and safety.

Qualification: Sea Kayak Certificate.

Course Content: Kayak orientation, equipment, communication, emergencies, trip planning, wind and weather, rules and regulations, navigation.

The classroom course, developed by Coastguard Boating Education, will be run by experienced Sea Kayaker and a Maritime New Zealand Safe Boating Advisor, Ian Calhaem. The course is designed to encourage safe sea kayaking by emphasising the relevance to sea kayakers of knowing basic boating skills, marine safety practices and especially of understanding weather, sea conditions and the maritime environment.


1. Sea Kayaks
          Parts of a kayak

2. Equipment
          Essential equipment
          Other equipment

3. Communication
          Communication tools
          Communication practices

4. Emergencies
          Rescues (self and others)
          Calling for assistance

5. Trip Planning
          Solo and group paddling

6. Wind, weather forecasts and sea conditions
          Marine forecasts
          Weather forecasts

7. Rules & Regulations
          Rules of the road at sea

8. Navigation
          Navigating tools and skills
          Sea kayak navigation

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Last updated: 12 April 2018