Coastguard Raglan is one of our 25 strategically located units around the Region. Together with their volunteers the unit delivers Search and Rescue (SAR) and breakdown assistance to the hundreds of kiwi’s who enjoy the west coast of the North Island. Their area of operation stretches from Mokau to Otehe (Crayfish Point) to the south of Port Waikato. Coastguard Raglan functions thanks to the steadfast dedication and commitment of around 40 local volunteers who drop everything to assist those in need on the water. The volunteers come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of skills in seamanship, operations, communications, administration and governance.

Coastguard Raglan prides themselves on quick response times to incidents. Alerted via Coastguard’s Regional Operations Centre and often working with local Police and Surf Life Saving the incidents are varied from divers to fishermen, sailors and jet skis, surfers, stand – up and waka ama paddlers, kayakers and swimmers. They have responded to 38 calls for assistance in the last 12 months with incidents lasting from a few hours to sometimes days. Of special note this year was a high profile incident involving body recoveries where the volunteers put their skills to the test and with their professionalism worked with Police, Navy and the Civil Aviation Authority for a successful outcome. The high note is that most incidents have seen cold, wet and often distressed people being bought home to the safety of their families.

Raglan operate a purpose built catamaran vessel and two Rescue Water Craft from the base that following a devastating fire has recently been rebuilt thanks to the support of the community and their fundraising efforts.

We operate three rescue vessels out of Raglan:

Gallagher Rescue
Generously supported by Gallagher Group
  • 11 metre Scott Robson designed aluminium catamaran
  • Twin diesel engines, with twin jets
  • Range 200NM
  • Provides stability during patient transfer and transit
  • Suitable for large tows
  • Observers platform during search task
  • Capable of providing on-scene coordination  
Rescue Water Craft
Ecolab 1 & Ecolab 2
  • Yamaha FX160 Cruiser
  • Range  up to 2NM from shore
  • First response vessel used for scene assessment and primary treatment
  • Ideal manoeuvrability and quick response in breaker zone, and during patient transfers
  • Provides on-the-water search capability close in-shore

Crew roles include communications, vessel (wet) operations, shore-based, medical, and rescue swimmers and observers for air assets. Trainings take place each Wednesday throughout the year, commencing 1730hrs at base. An annual SAREX challenging local assets and capability takes place each December.


  • Gallagher Community Trust
  • The Caversham Foundation
  • The Perry Foundation
  • Trust Waikato
  • Waikato District Council
  • The Lion Foundation
  • The Trillian Trust
  • WEL Energy Community Trust
  • Sky City Community Trust
  • Oceanbridge Shipping Limited  

Training & Executive: 
Training: Wednesday 1730hrs
Executive Committee: 3rd Tuesday of month 1900hrs
St Johns Meeting Room


Last updated: 11 November 2010