Our Funding

Minister Judith Collins with Coastguard Northern Region CEO, David Tommas at the official opening of the upgraded Coastguard Operations Centre.

Just imagine if the boat suddenly started taking on water at the bottom end of Waiheke, on your way home after dark. You try to call for help on your cellphone, but there was no coverage. You try to call Coastguard who responded with: just hold on whilst we hold a sausage sizzle to buy some fuel for the outboard.

Thankfully this does not happen. But it could…

…if it wasn’t for the amazing support we receive from the people of the northern region of New Zealand the high level of service that everyone has come to expect of Coastguard would quickly diminish. Some services would become unavailable.

We are totally dependent upon memberships, donations, bequests, grants and sponsorships for our revenues. With your help we can continue the work that earlier generations have established as the hallmark of a truly professional, dedicated organisation. You can help us to continue "Saving Lives at Sea" in the following ways:

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