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Ocean Yachtmaster   (72 hours)

Aim: To gain advanced ocean navigation and passage making knowledge. For skippers or crew intending to race offshore or cruise to overseas destinations.

Prerequisites: Current First Aid, RRTOC & NZ Coastal Skipper Certificates, 400 hours proven sea time, with 50 hours beyond harbour limitsa nd at least 72 hours continuous time, at least 30 miles offshore.

Qualification: NZ Yachtmaster Certificate.

Course Content: Extensive navigation techniques, oral assessment.

1. Ocean Navigation
          The earth & the celestial sphere
          The PZX triangle
          The sextant
          Measurement of time
          Meridian altitudes
          Sun, star, & other sights
          Compass checking
          Satellite navigation systems
          Great circle sailing
          Passage planning

2. Oral Testing 
         Sextant use  & errors
         Seamanship & safety
         Heavy weather handling
         Passage making
         Master's responsibilities
         Legal knowledge

Parts I & II: Course Fee: $1150.00 per person (including exam fees).

We are also offering the Celestial component as a standalone. This will be covered in the first 6 sessions. Please note there are no exams of certificates with this option. The cost for this is $345.00.

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Last updated: 03 August 2015