Marine Weather

If in doubt, don't go out!

New Zealand's weather can be highly unpredictable. Enjoying the sunshine and a light breeze at home is one thing, but the wind can be twice as strong out on the water. We've got you sorted with a range of services to keep you on top of what the weather is doing. 

You can get the latest on your local marine weather situation via:

 A few handy weather tips:

  • Marine forecasts tell you what the weather is expected to do, but there's no guarantee. Keep an eye out for any changes of clouds, wind direction & strength.
  • Tides are important, as when there's wind against the tide, you know to expect a rough sea state (especially in boats under 6m in length)
  • Looking to cross a harbour or river bar? Never cross without the required experience and local knowledge. Check out our 'Raising the Bar' seminars for information to keep you safe.

Coastguard Radio

Wind warnings are broadcast via Coastguard Radio as soon as they're issued from MetService, and every two hours until they are cancelled.

Live weather Broadcasts are broadcast four times daily via Coastguard Radio and cover recreational forecasts, sea areas, tides,navigation warnings and local station notices.

Click here for a list of Coastguard Radio VHF Channels across NZ.

Coastguard Nowcasting

Coastguard's Nowcasting service broadcasts real time marine weather information and forecasts. Available continuously via your marine VHF radio and the Coastguard App, Nowcasting includes:

  • Actual wind conditions at various locations (peak gust, average, direction in degrees true)
  • The latest local recreation marine area forecast
  • Tide times and heights at various locations
  • Key safety information

Click here for a list of Coastguard Nowcasting Weather Information Channels across NZ.

Coastguard App

Put the weather forecast in your pocket! The Coastguard App, available for both Apple and Android devices, incorporates all the weather information you'd receive from tuning into our Nowcasting broadcasts, with the convenience of your smartphone. 

 Download the Coastguard App for your phone here!



Did you know that MetService provides us with all our marine forecasts? You can go directly to the source by checking out the MetService website here.

Nowcasting by Text

Unfortunately, due to rising costs and circumstances out of our control, this service has been discontinued. We apologise for any inconvenience, and encourage users to download the Coastguard App above (which features more weather information, in an easy-to-view format).

 Nowcasting throughout the Northern Region is proudly brought to you by Half Moon Bay Marina. Support with hosting our Nowcasting Infrastructure in the Far North is kindly sponsored by by Huruiki Angus.