North Kaipara

The North Kaipara Coastguard unit was initially formed in 1993, following the suggestion of a local Police commander, with it's main role being to monitor radio traffic on the Northern Kaipara harbour. In emergencies, the unit was able to access the Aero Club Cessna aircraft and was also able to send out vessels of opportunity, but historically didn't operate its own vessels.

Today, the North Kaipara team utilise a dedicated 6.8 metre Naiad rescue vessel based at Tinopai. Radio operations are now all coordinated in the Marine Rescue Centre in Auckland.



For inshore work the unit works with TK Rescue (based at Te Kopuru) who are expert in the use of their two rigid inflatable boats.



President: Walter Smith
Phone: 022 101 3127
Email Walter here.

Held at the Ruawai Airfield on the first Wednesday of the month, at 1930 hrs.

Last updated: 10 January 2018