Coastguard recieves funding from Northland Regional Council   Date: Thursday 12 November, 2015
Coastguard recieves funding from Northland Regional Council

Summary:  Today Coastguard Northern Region (CNR) has been notified of its allocation from Northland Regional Council’s Emergency Services fund for the next three years.

The Emergency Services Fund was created this year in response to submissions by Northland communities and emergency services for more sustainable support for Northland’s volunteer-led emergency services.

Coastguard is supportive of Northland Regional Council’s initiative while at the same time recognizing that in budgeting $900,000 per annum, Council was going to face challenges meeting the needs of all of the applicants.

“Coastguard is grateful to Northland Regional Council for the support it has announced today and we congratulate the Council for their creation of a fund that recognizes their responsibilities to Northland’s residents and visitors. We thank Northland Regional Council for the commitment it has made to Coastguard over the next three years while at the same time acknowledging that the funding allocated will regrettably fall short of creating certainty of funding for Coastguard in Northland at this time,” says Callum Gillespie, Chief Executive Officer of Coastguard Northern Region.

Coastguard has 9 Units covering the extensive and often treacherous Northland coast, all of which are operated by volunteers. When despite education and advisory services, boaties get into trouble, it is often Coastguard volunteers that respond to bring them home safely.

“While Coastguard is a volunteer-led organization with very low staff overheads, we are committed to providing our volunteers with the right equipment and very best training so that they can do their jobs safely and successfully” says Mr Gillespie.

“Coastguard volunteers in Northland responded to 198 calls for assistance last year and brought 471 people back to safety. In developing our application for the Emergency Services Fund we thought carefully about the needs of the Northland population and the important roles that all of the emergency services in Northland play.”

“As a charity we seek support from a broad range of sources and while the funds allocated today are very welcome they will only have a limited impact on the fundraising activities we undertake to meet the capital and operating costs of our units in Northland. We are committed to working with Northland Regional Council to ensure Council and Coastguard’s shared goal of keeping Northland’s residents and visitors safe from harm on the water is achieved.” says Mr Gillespie.