Daily drama for NZ Coastguard   Date: Friday 20 June, 2014
Daily drama for NZ Coastguard


Coastguard takes a call every 23 seconds on average.

Put simply, Coastguard provides an invaluable service to tens of thousands of people throughout the country they not only saving lives, but making sure they reach people before lives are in danger.

But of the $10 million it costs to run Coastguard, just $1.5 million comes from the Government.

In fact, it's a vital service that's utterly reliant on the commitment of thousands of volunteers.

Lachlan Forsyth spoke to some of the volunteer crew to gain an insight into New Zealand's Coastguard.

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By Lachland Forsyth
Posted: 7.18pm Thursday Jun 12, 2014addressaddress

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