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Maritime VHF Radio Operator   (6 hours)

Aim: To learn correct Marine VHF Radio Operation. The minimum legal requirement to operate a marine radio.

Course Content: Routine operation, safety, distress and urgency.

Qualification: Marine VHF Radio Operators Qualification.  Unit Standard 19491 available. Those looking to get a commercial skipper qualification, use an SSB radio or use a VHF Radio overseas might be interested in more information here.

1. Routine Operation
          Common features & functions 
          Pro-words & phonetic alphabet 
          Call signs & channel allocation

 2. Safety 
          Trip reports 
          Weather information 

3. Distress & Urgency 
          "Mayday" & "Pan" calls 
          EPIRB and SAR

The Marine VHF Radio Operator assessment is only available within New Zealand.

Why it is important to use a Marine VHF Radio:

  • To communicate distress immediately
  • Continuous contact with search and rescue nationwide
  • To hear other boaties in distress
  • To get regular weather updates
  • A cell phone lets you talk to one person, a VHF lets you talk to many people
  • It could save your life in an emergency 


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Last updated: 3 Apr 2018