After a plane crash off Duders Beach in 1975, a Sea Rescue unit was set up and manned by members of the Maraetai Beach Boating Club, using a 16 foot runabout.  In 1982 this vessel won an award from Auckland Volunteer Coastguard for the most rescues in the Auckland area.

In 2004, the 6.3m Stabicraft that was in service was replaced with an 8.5 m Rayglass Protector, retaining the name of Maraetai Rescue One. The Protector was in service until it was replaced by a 9.5m Naiad Dedicated Rescue Vessel in August 2011. The unit currently has 25 operational trained crew.

The unit has a comprehensive website with lots of local information, photos and news that is regularly updated.

To visit the website of Coastguard Maraetai, please click here.



Maraetai Rescue One 9.5m Naiad Dedicated Rescue Vessel  


President: Mike Sommerville

Crewchange (come and meet us):
Crewchange is every Monday night at 1900 to 2030 hours at Maraetai Rescue Base, 211 Maraetai Drive, Maraetai.

We are always looking for keen dedicated people to join our friendly team, so if this is you, then check out the following link to our website or come down to crew change, or email us at with your details and we will be in touch.

Last updated: 19 October 2015