Maritime VHF Channels

Find your local Coastguard VHF calling or Nowcasting channel here.

Updates to VHF Channels (February 2019)

Coastguard calling channels:

  • Kaipara: Channel 07 has been disestablished (boaties should now use Ch61, which provides similar coverage)
  • South Taranaki: Channel has changed to Ch 05
  • Manawatu: Ship-to-Ship Channel 61 has been disestablished
  • Banks Peninsula: Ship-to-Ship Channel 04 has been added

Nowcasting channels: 

  • Doubtless Bay / Hokianga: a relocation of the Channel 20 repeater means better coverage. 

It's important to note that although some maritime channels will be changing, the existing marine Channel 16 used for safety and distress purposes will NOT change.

Contacting Coastguard using your VHF Radio

Broken down, need a tow, or simply looking to make a Trip Report? Use these VHF Channels to contact us.

Remember you can also contact Coastguard on your cellphone by dialling *500. Find other ways to contact us.


If your boat is sinking, someone is injured or life is in danger, don't delay – call us via VHF Channel 16 (the international maritime distress channel), dial *500 from your cellphone, or dial 111.


Download the channel map here.

Nowcasting Channel map

Click the image for the updated VHF calling channel map.

Check the real-time weather situation on Coastguard Nowcasting Channels

NZ's weather can be highly unpredictable. Enjoying the sunshine and a light breeze at home is one thing, but the wind can be twice as strong out on the water.

Check the current weather and sea state via your VHF radio - simply tune into your local Nowcasting channel for real-time marine weather information and forecasts.

Download the channel map here.

Nowcasting Channel map

Click the image for the updated NowCasting map.


Coastguard App

You can also see the VHF and Nowcasting channels on the Coastguard app, along with a boatload of handy features for fishos and boaties. You can now use the app to log your trip, as well as checking the marine forecasts and the current sea state via Nowcasting. You won’t want to leave the dock without this in your pocket.

Get it from the App Store or Google Play today.



Page updated: 26 February 2019