Together we're making a difference in our communities

We’re delighted to have the team at the Giltrap Group backing us all the way, having just increased their support as our Community Partner through until 2018.



At the heart of the partnership between the Giltrap Group and CNR is a shared ambition to make a difference in our communities. Over three years the Giltrap Group and Coastguard have worked together to make a difference from Raglan to Cape Reinga to Thames and at all points in between.  

Together we’ve brought the Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade campaign to communities, engaged tens of thousands of kiwis in safe boating and raised the bar at the countries biggest boat show with our largest and most successful membership acquisition drive – but most importantly we’ve delivered much needed operational and financial support to those at the heart and soul of our organisation – our volunteers. 



From strenuous duties such as towing Coastguard Relief Vessels to Units in need and the transport of safety and promotion equipment, through to lending a professional touch at community Open Days and fundraising initiatives – the Giltrap Group brand has added a highly credible, capable and professional appearance to the mission of Coastguard. 

Together we believe we’ve made a big difference in the community, and that’s something to be really proud of. As we look to the future there is much to be excited about with the best yet to come – we’re exciting at how you as Coastguard Members can benefit from the partnership so watch this space…

Community Partner:

Principal Sponsor

"The Giltrap Group have proudly supported Coastguard Northern Region for over three years now, and are pleased to continue to meet their transport needs. This is an aspect that is crucial to ‘saving lives at sea’ - whether it is part of raising awareness and helping educate the community, or towing vessels. As a country closely surrounded by water, particularly the Northern Region, we strongly believe in the need to educate and assist people on the water, no matter the age or experience level. Coastguard Northern Region have made a significant impact doing so – going a long way to keeping our family, friends and community safe." 

– Anthony Glover, Marketing Manager 

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