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 Practical tuition on your own boat  

Aim: To equip skippers and any friends or family with practical skills to operate their own vessel with confidence.

PrerequisitesNone - those with little or no boating experience are especially welcome.

What sort of boats are suitable?: Virtually any power vessel. We've worked with owners of 60+' ocean going motor vessels though to 3 metre inflatables. We've even assisted yacht owners with their manouvering under power and sail.

Course Content: Totally tailored to suit your individual requirements.

We can cover virtually any aspect of interest. Some of the more popular topics include things like:

  • Learning how to launch and retrieve or get in and out of your marina berth with confidence like the pros.
  • Manoeuvring in a confined space and coming alongside jetties and other vessels.
  • Getting the most of your investment in your electronics.
  • Learning how to anchor with that sense of security.
  • Helming and trimming the vessel for the most comfortable and economical ride possible.
  • Ensuring you understand the "rules of the road".
  • Making sure safety gear and emergency procedures are up to scratch.

Our friendly and experienced tutors not only "know their stuff" and unlike a more experienced friend or relative, they know how to teach it. Because of this and the fact that the teaching takes place aboard your own vessel in your own environment, these sessions are incredibly effective. You will come away having had a fun and stress free time gaining practical skills that you will use for a lifetime.

To find out how it works, download our own boat tuition brochure here.

To find make an enquiry, email us here.

Last updated 18 Feb 2020