Frequently Asked Questions

What and who does my Coastguard Membership cover? 
A Coastguard Individual or Lifetime Membership covers the person named on the membership, as well as their partner and any dependants up to the age of 18 years old.
A Coastguard Individual or Lifetime Membership is specific to you as a person, not to your vessel. For example, if you are out on a friends boat, you and the vessel you are on are still covered. However if a non-member friend is using your boat and you are not with them, they are not covered.
A Vessel Membership is the perfect solution for larger families, boat share situations or charter vessels. The Vessel Membership covers a specific vessel, and anyone on board the vessel. Call us on 0800 BOATIE (262 843) to find out if a Vessel Membership would work for you.
If I am not a Coastguard Member and get in to trouble at sea, what happens?
When the unexpected happens at sea and you find yourself requiring assistance, simply call us - *500 from your mobile, or on VHF Channel 16. A Coastguard Rescue Vessel will be tasked to your location to ensure you and your crew are bought home to safety. 
If you're a Coastguard Member, you'll receive this assistance at no extra charge.
When our Coastguard Volunteers are called to assist a non member for non-urgent assistance (such as a mechanical breakdown), we ask that they help Coastguard cover the costs of this assistance. The current rate is $280.00 per hour, from the time the Rescue Vessel leaves dock until it arrives back.
In an emergency or life threatening situation, there is no charge for Coastguard’s services as our core purpose is 'saving lives at sea'.
Where am I covered with my membership?
As part of being a Coastguard Northern Region Member, you're covered no matter which coastline or major lake in New Zealand you do your boating.
How can I support my local Coastguard Unit through my Coastguard Membership?
When you join to become a Coastguard Member you can nominate your local unit to receive support through your membership. 
How do I contact Coastguard if I need assistance?
For Marine assistance, call us on *500 from your mobile, or Coastguard Radio Marine VHF - click here to find your local Marine VHF Channel.
Got other questions? 
Don't hesitate to call us on 0800 BOATIE (262 843) or email us at

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