Hokianga Coastguard, based at Omapere in the beautiful Hokianga Harbour, has been active in the area since 1996. They operate the local radio channel 82 and every year their radio operators, armed with local knowledge, guide hundreds of vessels across the often dangerous Hokianga Bar. They have had a Dedicated Rescue Vessel since 1998 and in 2008, they took delivery of a new rescue Vessel. Pub Charity Hokianga Rescue is a 9.5 meter AMF rigid hulled inflatable and is available 24/7 to go to the assistance of vessels from Maunganui Bluff as far north as Ahipara.


Pub Charity Hokianga Rescue 9.5m AMF Quick Response Vessel 

Hokianga also run a junior training unit. These teens from the local area school train alongside the RV crew in a Zodiac donated by MacQuarrie Industries. As they progress in age and abilities, they advance up to the level of RV Crew, so further developing their seafaring skills and knowledge to become valued members of the team.


President: Jeff Cramp
Email: jeff@igrin.co.nz

Fortnightly on Mondays at 1730 at the boat shed between Omapere & Opononi (next to the Bowling Club).