Coastguard Hibiscus Incorporated became an affiliated member of the Royal New Zealand Coastguard Incorporated in November 2006.  The unit was previously known as Hibiscus Sea Rescue and was established in 1979 in response to the council's request that a rescue boat be based at the Hibiscus Coast Boating Club in Stanmore Bay. 

The unit now operates two dedicated Rescue Vessels. Hibiscus Rescue One is a  9.5 m Naid vessel based out of Gulf Harbour. In 2008 a second rescue vessel was added based at the Hibiscus Coast Boating Club in Stanmore Bay. This is a 6.9m Sealegs -- the only vessel of its kind in Coastguard Service. It has powered, retractable wheels that allow it to drive straight into and out of the water -- ideal for  transferring people and equipment onto land. The addition of this vessel on the Northern side of the Whangaparaoa peninsula has also dramatically  improved our response time for incidents North of the peninsula.  

The volunteers who crew the vessel are all locals who are expected to respond 24/7 365 days a year.  This requires a high level of fitness, training, and commitment which all of them are willing to give.

Hibiscus Rescue One 9.5m Naid

Hibiscus Rescue Two 6.9m Sealegs



President: Dan McGowan
Email: president@coastguardhibiscus.org.nz

Looking to volunteer?
Contact our Recruitment Officer Rachel Hessey
Email: recruitment@coastguardhibiscus.org.nz 

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 at either the Hibiscus Boating Club or Gulf Harbour Yacht Club (email Rachel or Dan to confirm)

Last updated: 27 March 2017