Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island Coastguard Rescue Inc have been active since 2000 and operate their own their own Dedicated Rescue Vessel “Barrier Rescue” a former chase boat for Emirates Team New Zealand in Spain. Great Barrier Coastguard covers a large area in their 12.5 m Protector, all around the island, up to the Moko Hinau Islands, to the Mercury Islands and the inner gulf as required. The unit does well for themselves with 5 qualified skippers who are all on 24/7 callout. However, the biggest problem for the Island unit is finding crew to man the vessel, who live in close proximity, from such a small population.


President: Malcolm Zuppicich
Phone: 09 4290 811

Vice President: Wayne Chaston
Phone: 09 4290 035

Secretary: Cathy Evans
Phone: 09 4290 035

Treasurer and Training: Chris Ollivier
Phone: 09 4290 740  or 021 0276 2332

Every second Tuesday at the Tryphena Wharf base at approx 1800. Check with Roger prior.

Last updated: 1 October 2014