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Coastal Skipper   (55 hours)

Aim: To gain a thorough grounding in the principles and practices of coastal navigation and an understanding of the causes and effects of coastal weather. An advanced course for those wishing to undertake coastal voyages.

Prerequisites: 16 years of age, Boatmaster, Marine VHF Radio Operator Certificate, 200 hours proven sea time.

Qualification: NZ Coastal Skipper Certificate.

Course Content: Comprehensive navigation techniques, meteorology, passage planning, assessment - written and oral.


1. Coastal Navigation
          The nautical chart 
          Courses & bearings 
          Magnetism & the magnetic compass 
          Fixing position 
          Tides & tidal streams 
          Allowance for set & drift 
          Marine radar 

2. Coastal Weather 
          Marine forecasts & weather maps 
          Air masses, fronts & pressure systems 
          Clouds & fog 
          Terrain effects on weather 
          Sea, waves, & Swell. 
          Passage of systems over New Zealand

3. Passage Planning Assignment and Oral Assessment

3.1 Undertaken as an individual assignment:
Passage Planning

3.2 Tested or discussed at an oral assessment:
          Collision regulations 
          Equipment & instruments 
          Ship-handling & stability 
          Emergencies and distress signals 
          Master's responsibilities and obligations

Course Fee: $785.00 per person (including exam fees) - additional resources are required for this course.

 Starts  Venue  Day    
18 Sep 17  Auckland MRC*  Mon & Wed - Total 19 evenings  7.00pm - 10.00pm

*Auckland Marine Rescue Centre

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Last updated: 3 Jul 2017