Bay of Islands

Coastguard Bay of Islands looks after boaties in the beautiful Bay of Islands, from Home Point to the Cavalii Islands. We also assist in other rescues in the Far North, when needed. 

They became a Coastguard Unit in 1997. Initially, the unit did not have a Dedicated Rescue Vessel (DRV). They relied on local skippers who generously donated their time and personal vessels to Coastguard.  The unit still has three such vessels available to assist with rescues and training whenever there is a need.

Bay Rescue II 10.2m Naiad - on callout

In 1999, they launched their first DRV, named Bay Rescue. It was an 8.5m Rayglass Protector, powered by twin 150Hp outboard motors. The vessel served the unit well for 10 years.

In December 2009, the unit replaced their DRV with a new designed for purpose rescue vessel, aptly named Bay Rescue II. It is a twin diesel; jet powered, Naiad design, 10.3m. It has a fully enclosed cabin, seating for 4 crew and full stowage for all rescue gear carried. It has a range of over 300nm at cruising speed (25knots).

Their DRV operates out of the Doves Bay Marina in the Kerikeri Inlet and is crewed by a core of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who are available 24/7 on pager callout.

The unit is always on the look-out for keen and dedicated crew members. If you are interested please email the unit here .


The Bay of Islands Coastguard would like to acknowledge the following for their support:

    • Far North District Council
    • Pub Charity
    • Lion Foundation
    • The Community of the Bay of Islands


Contact Secretary:
Phone: 09 407 4071

Tuesday nights at 1900 in the Operations Room on Wiroa Road, Kerikeri.

Last updated: 14 July 2014