Coastguard Auckland

Auckland Coastguard Incorporated (ACI) has a heritage that dates back to 1935. They are based at the Auckland Marine Rescue Centre (AMRC) in Mechanics Bay sharing the facilities with Coastguard Northern Region, Surf Lifesaving Northern Region, Maritime Police, and the Auckland Harbour Master.

ACI has three dedicated rescue vessels in their fleet:

  • LION Foundation Rescue, a 15.1m foil-assisted catamaran that was brought into service in early 2015. Custom built for the requirements of the unit and the needs of boaties in the Hauraki Gulf.
  • ASB Rescue, an 18.4m Rayglass Protector
  • Trillian Rescue Alpha, a 9.5m Naiad
All of which are kept at the Marina at the Auckland Marine Rescue Centre.

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LION Foundation Rescue, a 15m high speed, foil assisted catamaran

Trillian Rescue Alpha 9.5m NAIAD

ASB Rescue 18m Protector

Last updated: 29 August 2016