About Us

All around New Zealand, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, Coastguard is there for our communities as the charity saving lives at sea.

Coastguard maintains an infastructure right around the coast of New Zealand to ensure that we are there when the public need us.Coastguard Northern Region looks out for the safety of every person in the Northern part of the country who enjoys any of the region’s harbours, gulf, beaches, and coastline. In addition to patrol and Search and Rescue, we provide a variety of information and educational services designed to maximise your safe enjoyment of the water.

Our Region is proudly made up of 25 units that consist of 28 rescue vessels, 2 air patrols and dedicated marine communication networks. These are run and manned by over 990 brave volunteers from all walks of life, who drop everything and risk themselves to save lives at sea. Our vessels range from fast response rigid inflatable boats, to all-weather heavy response vessels.

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The heart of our organisation

Our people don't ask a cent for the work they do. However, they do demand the very best equipment and training that we can give them to do the job. This is where the support of both our members and the public is so important. Our volunteers give their time, skill and commitment so that the organisation can achieve it's goal of 'Saving Lives at Sea'.

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The difference we make

Our volunteers are the heart and spirit of our organisation. In the year from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 their commitment to the region saw:

  • 121,062 hours dedicated to saving lives at sea
  • 126,366 radio calls answered
  • 2,402 calls for assistance
  • 6,276 people brought home to safety