Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard was formed in 1990 as the result of growing concern over marine related accidents and mishaps around Waiheke Island, some of which ended tragically. Initially created as a rescue arm of the Waiheke Boating Club, the unit soon developed into a separate Coastguard unit, and became affiliated to the NZ Coastguard Federation in 1997.

Waiheke Rescue - 10.3 m Naiad 

We are all volunteers and are available 24/7 for callouts via a pager system. The crew and skippers, although volunteers, train to full professional standards.  Not only do they crew the rescue vessel but take part in committees, fundraising, maintenance, lots of training and at every opportunity attempt to keep the public informed in matters of safety at sea. 

The unit is always keen to hear from local Waiheke Islanders who are able to become dedicated crew members and anyone interested should contact Brendan at the email below.

Until July 2009, the unit operated an 8.5 metre Naiad Protector, rigid hulled inflatable boat known as Waiheke Rescue. In mid 2010 the unit launched their new 10.2m Naiad designed rigid hulled inflatable boat. This vessel is kept in the water at Matiatia to enable quick launching when required.  The new boat has been designed to suit the unique requirements that the unit has as a Coastguard unit on Waiheke Island.



The Waiheke Volunteer Coastguard would like to thank all the good people of the Waiheke Community for their ongoing support.

President: Brendan Demchy
email: president.waihekecoastguard@coastguard.org.nz

Rostered crews train on the water every Sunday and classroom training takes place on the 4th Tuesday of every month. The committee meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Last updated: 21 November 2017